Parasite Cleanse Drops – Restore Gut Health, Regulate Digestion, Maintain Intestinal Balance – 50 mL/1.7 fl oz

Rid your insides of any slow-to-exit parasites and toxins.

Though you can’t see it in action, your colon has a huge responsibility in healthy digestive function and your overall well-being. It sorts out which nutrients your body absorbs and which compounds exit the body. However, this process doesn’t always go off without a hitch, especially during travel or seasonal changes when new compounds enter the body. If your intestines are out of balance due to a parasite or microorganism imbalance, you’re likely to experience side effects such as diarrhea or constipation, nausea, gas, bloating, fatigue, and irritability. When this occurs, a little assistance from Green Health Lab’s intestinal cleanse is just what your body needs.


Green Health Lab Parasite cleanse drops contain specially selected extracts of Sesamum seed, Radix bardanae, Radix taraxaci, Lemon balm and Garlic with antiparasitic action.

RESTORE INTESTINAL BALANCE – Tired of that stomach bug that never seems to go away, bloating, and low energy? Flush out intestinal contaminants and balance the digestive flora in your gut with help from Parasite Cleanse, a colon cleanser by Green Health Lab!

PURIFY TO FEEL BETTER – Regulate your digestive system and alleviate bloating, gas, and more! Your colon cleanse supplement supports digestive health by eliminating unwanted agents and encouraging absorption of bountiful nutrients.

HERBAL INGREDIENTS – Opt for an all-natural colon cleanse! Green Health Lab specialists used their knowledge of the world’s most effective botanicals to curate a potent formula that optimizes intestine support.

GENTLE DIGESTION – Your cleanse and detox drops aid the digestive system by showing kindness to it instead of upsetting your stomach even more. Simply stir your Parasite Cleanse drops into water and sip your colon cleanse tea!

QUALITY ASSURED – At each step of the production process, from selecting our ingredients to bottling them, Green Health Lab’s strict practices ensure you receive only the highest-quality parasite cleanse for adults.

Green Health Lab has perfected the gut restore formula of Parasite Cleanse, selecting each ingredient for its nutrient-dense properties and unique effect on intestinal support:

  • Sesame seed extract is an anti-inflammatory, fiber-rich digestive aid.
  • Burdock root extract is a digestive stimulant full of antioxidants and vitamins.
  • Dandelion root extract balances appetite, soothes gas and bloating, and has laxative and diuretic effects.
  • Lemon balm extract calms upset stomach, nausea, and cramping.
  • Garlic extract is a digestive aid and detoxifying agent ideal for a whole body cleanse.

Balance the flora in your gut and bring your body comfort with the natural, healthy cleanse from Green Health Lab.

Stomach Bug Be Gone

To take Parasite Cleanse, stir 20 drops into a glass of water twice per day and take as needed. Have any questions, or need assistance? No problem! Speak with Green Health Lab customer service by using the contact information you see on the back of your bottle.

Support a healthy digestive system and guard your gut with Parasitic Cleanse by Green Health Lab. Take antiparasitic action TODAY!


Amount per 50 ml (54.5 g)

Amount per daily Dose 2 ml (2.18 g)
Purified аqua 42.756 g 1.7103 g
Sesamum indicum seed extract 2.725 g 0.1090 g
Radix bardanae extract 2.725 g 0.1090 g
Taraxacum officinale extract 2.725 g 0.1090 g
Lemon balm еxtract 1.635 g 0.0654 g
Garlic extract 1.635 g 0.0654 g
Аcidity regulator
Citric acid 0.027 g 0.0011 g
Potassium sorbate 0.136 g 0.0055 g
Sodium benzoate 0.136 g 0.0055 g

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 cm

50 ml

Recommended usage

You could intake at the change of seasons or to accompany your slimming diet.

Doses in a package

50 doses / 25 days program of intake


The dose, dissolved in water has taste and odor of drinking-water.


Green Health Lab


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