Hem Blocker Pain & Itch Relief Hemorrhoid Treatment

Nutritional supplement HEM BLOCKER contributes to:

  • Maintaining the normal condition of the arterial-venous canals and the connective tissue in the anal canal.
  • Helps to strengthen the vessel walls.
  • Relieves the symptoms caused by hemorrhoids: itching and pain when passing stool.

Quality in an herbal sachet – This herbal mix is suitable for women and men. Easily dissolved in water. The combination of herbs is designed to have a beneficial effect when needed to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids and fissures. 


HEAL AND SOOTHE – Reclaim your comfort, your confidence, and your peace of mind. Overcome your hemorrhoids with Hem Care Sachets by Green Derma Lab, a calming pain-relief treatment for hemorrhoids and fissures.

NATURALLY GENTLE – Green Derma Lab’s herbal treatment sachets provides optimal relief for unpleasant hemorrhoids. Extracts from Mother Leaf & Dandelion work inside out to slow bleeding, decrease swelling, and ease pain.

TREAT TROUBLESOME SYMPTOMS – You’re likely familiar with ever-distracting itching and unbearable burning, but you don’t have to continue suffering. Your Hem Care topical anesthetic cream alleviates all common side effects associated with hemorrhoids.

EASY ALTERNATIVE TO TAKING TABLETS – This effective herbal mix is suitable for women and men. You can safely consume during pregnancy and lactation. Dissolve easily in water or tea. Light pleasant herbal taste. Easily absorbed by the body.

How to use:

1 sachet (2.2 g), well dissolved in 50 ml of water or tea in the morning before eating. Recommended daily intake – 1 sachet per day. 


The food supplement Hem Blocker is completely safe to use due to its entirely natural ingredients. Each of the herbs in this product is used in Ayurveda and/or in traditional medicine to help the body deal with inflammation: 

Dandelion root extract – Dandelion root is rich in the carbohydrate inulin – a type of soluble fiber which supports the growth of healthy bacterial flora in the intestinal tract. 

Purple loosestrife extract – The whole plant, on its own or mixed with other herbs, is used for treatment of a wide range of diseases – menstrual bleeding, hemorrhoids, treatment of swollen and inflamed areas. 

Shepherd’s purse extract – In traditional medicine shepherd’s purse is used to prevent and stop bleeding, as well as for painful menstruation and kidney inflammation. 

Carlina acanthifolia extract – Used for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and as an antihemorrhoidal agent. 

Valerian extract – Valerian extract is used for normalizing cardiac activity and blood vessels function, improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and relieving muscle spasms. 

Cascara sagrada extract – bark/stem – This herb has laxative action. 

Senna extract – unlike other laxative herbs and medications, senna’s laxative effect is not accompanied by painful colic. 

Artichoke extract – Artichoke extract helps improve digestion and cholesterol metabolism.


Get HEM Blocker now and help your body deal with hemorrhoids NOW!

Additional information


Extracts: Dandelion, Yeast, Shepherd's purse, Grate, Valerian, Buckthorn, Mother's leaf, Artichoke
Excipients: filler – maltodextrin, anti-caking agent – silicon dioxide, sweetener – steviol glycoside

How to use

1 sachet (2.2 g), well dissolved in 50 ml of water or tea in the morning before meals. Recommended daily intake – 1 sachet per day.

Recommended usage

It is designed for constant use to take care of your hemorrhoids

Doses in a package

30 sachets / 30 days


The dose, dissolved in water, has a mild herbal taste and smell.


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