Gastro Correct Sachets Herbal Food Supplement – neutralizes stomach acidity

Herbal food supplement soothes the symptoms of:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion is associated with reflux, for example after meals or during pregnancy.

Plant-based food supplement relieves symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease, high stomach acid, and indigestion. After eating or during pregnancy. Dry mixture in the form of a sachet with light and pleasant cherry flavor. 


MAINTAINING THE HEALTH OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Entirely plant-based. Dry mixture in the form of a sachet, with light and pleasant cherry flavor.

HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCT – Green Health Lab manufacturing facilities are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and ISO 9001: 2015.

EASY ALTERNATIVE TO TAKING TABLETS – This effective herbal mix is suitable for women and men. Dissolve easily in water or tea. Light pleasant cherry flavor. Easily absorbed by the body.

GASTRO CORRECT is a food supplement which contributes to maintaining the health of the digestive system. This product has been developed on the basis of GASTRO-AD®. Relieves the primary symptoms of stomach discomfort by neutralizing stomach acid. GASTRO-AD® is entirely biobased, without alkalizing local anesthetics and/or antispasmodics.  

Active ingredients: 

The main ingredient is Gastro-AD®. It is a food supplement based on fermented soybean (not genetically modified). Soybean is widely known for its health benefits and is frequently chosen for its nutritional value. Gastro-AD® contains natural soybean elements (peptides, microbial metabolites, etc.) as a result of fermentation. 

Gastro-AD® is entirely biobased. 

Clinically tested. The effect of Gastro-AD®, a fermented soybean supplement, has been studied on individuals with high stomach acid and gastrointestinal symptoms and on acid-related quality-of-life indicators. 

The inner lining of the stomach is usually protected from gastric juice. Several factors, however, can affect the barrier and the state of the gastric mucosa – certain foods (spicy, fatty or fried food, citrus fruits, etc.), HCl hypersecretion, stress, alcohol, smoking, Helicobacter Pylori. Clinical tests of this product have shown that it relieves the symptoms of acid reflux and reduces its frequency of occurrence. 

Gastro-AD® can also be used preventatively. It has been shown that for individuals with mild to moderate acid reflux Gastro-AD® improves the important indicators of quality of life and can have potential benefits for reducing the frequency of acid reflux over time. 

How to use:

The product is intended for ingesting directly or dissolving in 50 ml of water.
Recommended daily intake: 3 sachets per day before eating or if required. 

The package contains 30 sachets. 

Additional information


Gastro-AD 38% contains natural elements of non-genetically modified soybeans, obtained as a result of its fermentation by Lactobacillus delbrueckii Rosell-187. Excipients: filler – maltodextrin, anti-caking agent – silicon dioxide, flavoring – cherry, sweetener – steviol glycoside

How to use

The product is intended for direct intake or dissolved in 50 ml of water.

Recommended usage

3 sachets a day before meals or as needed.

Doses in a package

30 sachets / 10 days