Body Weight Reduction – Weight Loss Drops with natural exracts – 50 mL/1.7 fl oz

See Results After Just One Bottle!

A dietary supplement that helps regulate weight in weight loss. In the form of drops, which are easily taken with any drink. Drops with specially selected extracts help break down fat in the body, contribute to maintaining normal body weight, as well as help the metabolic functions of the body.



NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS SOLUTION – Regulate the weight and help to get rid of the tricky tummy rolls and unwanted cushions. Do not give up! Green Health Lab is your solution for regulating body fat.

LOSE WEIGHT & FEEL GREAT – Everyone has unique goals on their weight loss journeys, but reaching unique milestones always feels amazing! Let Body Weight Reduction help you achieve the slimmer, trimmer figure you’re working toward.

QUALITY in HERBAL DROPS – Sometimes motivation fades over time. Time to add to the exercises and regulated diet, drops Body Weight Reduction of Green health lab. This herbal mixture is suitable for both men and women. They dissolve easily in water. They have a slightly spicy pleasant taste. Selected extracts have antioxidant properties, stimulate fat burning and thus regulate weight!

QUALITY ASSURED – At each step of the production process, from selecting our ingredients to bottling them, Green Health Lab’s strict practices ensure you receive only the highest-quality weight loss drops.


To take Body Weight Reduction, stir 20 drops in 50 ml of water once every morning. When combined with proper diet and exercise, results can be expected after consuming approximately one bottle.


The perfect combination of natural extracts without ingredients that block the absorption of carbohydrates without laxative substances, without severe consequences of keto diets:


Green tea extract helps the body burn calories.

Dragon fruit extract is a rich source of fiber. Without fibers the processes are slowed down and weight loss will be slowed down.

Shiitake mushroom extract contains essential amino acids like linoleic acid, which supports weight loss and helps build muscle.

Grapefruit seed extract can break down fat and reduce cellulite.

Cumin extract has anti-inflammatory properties and kick-starts the metabolism.

The Cayenne pepper extract’s main healing properties, as well as the spicy taste, are due to the alkaloid contained in it – capsaicin. It has healing, antibacterial, analgesic, and lipid-lowering properties. Thanks to them, digestion is improved, appetite is properly controlled and weight loss is activated.

Body Weight Reduction – a light infusion of green tea with a spicy taste of cayenne pepper! Try and see for yourself the ability to control your appetite, feel a surge of energy and self-confidence. Get your bottle of Body Weight Reduction TODAY!


You should pay attention that the result also depends on your lifestyle. Choose a diet and exercise that suits your habits.

This can help:

  • Reduce calorie intake
  • Reducing portion sizes
  • Reduce the frequency of snacks
  • Reduction of fried foods and desserts
  • Inclusion of fruits and vegetables
  • Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Soon after you start exercising, you will begin to see and feel the benefits that physical activity can have for you and your body.

Remember – celebrate every little success on the hard way to regulate weight.


Amount per 50 ml (54.5 g)

Amount per daily dose 1 ml (1.09 g)
Purified aqua 40.63 g 0.8126 g
Green tea leaf extract (Camellia sinensis) 3.27 g 0.0654 g
Dragon fruit (Pitaya) extract (Hylocereus undatus) 2.73 g 0.0545 g
Shiitake mushroom extract (Lentinula edodes) 2.18 g 0.0436 g
Grapefruit extract (seed) 2.18 g 0.0436 g
Cuminum cyminum extract 1.64 g 0.0327 g
Cayenne pepper extract 1.64 g 0.0327 g
Citric acid 0.03 g 0.0005 g
Potassium sorbate 0.11 g 0.0022 g
Sodium benzoate 0.11 g 0.0022 g

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 cm

50 ml

Recommended usage

Initially, take a course of one box (to feel effect).

Doses in a package

50 doses / 50 days


The taste is a little bit bitter (due to the presence Grapefruit Seed extract) and a little bit hot (specific for extract of Cayenne pepper).


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