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History, Mission and Purpose

Founded in 1999, Relina Ltd. is an established manufacturer of cosmetic products, raw materials for the cosmetic industry, food supplements, hotel supplies, and cosmetics for babies and children. We have our own production base and such a degree of flexibility – to be able to answer to the requirements for large volumes and can take on smaller orders. We have the appropriate equipment that enables us to employ the accumulated knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas to achieve the desired result. In this process, we follow the market trends by focusing on innovation.

Relina Ltd is GMP/ISO 22716 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Product production varieties

Melted soap bases

Choose the appropriate soap base for your idea. Combine your own sense of color and aroma with the right shape.

Concentrated cosmetic bases

Shampoo, shower gel, balm and lotion. You could make your unique product – add extract, aroma and selected active ingredients.

Herbal extracts

We offer over than 60 different kinds of glycol and glycerin extracts. The extracts are a proven accent in cosmetic products – a small piece of the natural world.

Development and production

We focus our efforts on the development and production of innovative cosmetic products.

Food Supplement

We develop and manufacture liquid and powdered nutritional supplements, carefully select the most appropriate ingredients for the specific physiological condition.

Private label

Development and production of cosmetic products – private label. We are looking for the best solution for your idea. Our goal is to provide consistently high quality products.

Branded Products

Food Supplements

Cosmetic products